Corporate Sponsorship

In a business world where so many companies have accounts at stock photography sites to receive their images, wouldn't you like to be unique and different? Sponosr an upcoming trip and you can receive EXCLUSIVE rights to a number of photos from that trip! This is a GREAT value.

Sponsorships for trips will be granted exclusive rights to use photos from that trip on the basis of who sponsors first/second/etc. Your photos will be unique and individual to you and your company and no one else. They will not be on the internet for sale or used by any other business or individual!

Available for travel worldwide, and I will meet the needs of your company or request directly! We will discuss the exact photos you are looking for and the best locations to get them. Sponsorship will guarantee you exclusive rights to the exact photo you want with no fear of any other company having the same image. Save money over the stock exclusives and be unique! Questions? Contact me for more information.

Licensing Images

You can also choose to individually license an image for exclusive rights from photos already taken and not currently for sale, or, photos that will be taken on an upcoming trip and not spoken for by a sponsor.

It is important to know that sponsors will recieve the first right of choice on photos! I will have a generous selection of amazing images, but if you want that first look, consider sponsoring a trip.

Exclusive licensing prices start at $500 per image per year, or two years for $750 per image. These prices give you the full, exclusive rights to that image without limitations for reproduction, marketing and full use without the concern that any other individual or business will use that image within that same time frame. I also offer multiple image packages as well as "non" exclusive rates on images. Please contact me for more information on pricing options.

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