Photographer/Digital Artist

About Me

An avid photographer for more than 40 years and an expert with photoshop and lightroom, I can help provide the photo you are looking for, or help you achieve the editing results you desire.

My photography passion bloomed in high school, way back when we were rolling our own film in darkrooms! (Or in my case, watching my friend do it because it stunk!) I have always had a strong passion for all photography that involved action and movement. I love shooting concerts, rodeos, racing events as well as dog events and high school senior portraits. And now, that love has branched naturally into wildlife and landscape photography as well.

It didn't take me long to jump onboard with digital photography. A bit of a computer geek, I loved being able to have that control. No more smelly darkroom! My first version of Photoshop dates back to about 1995! I have grown and evolved with it ever since. I can recognize the need for slight tuning in Photoshop or Lightroom, to the artistic desire to make a photo into a true piece of art. Many classes, conferences and workshops later, I find myself sometimes helping out the speakers with interesting shortcuts and hacks! We all keep learning and have a lot to learn and share.

Vision and Goals

I see my future as involving a LOT more wildlife photography. I continue to grow and learn from many influences and work hard on improving my photos with each adventure. I love seeing my work displayed as large wall mount pieces of art. A large print gives an image the depth it needs to be fully appreciated.

Contract with me for personalized pieces of art for your home and business! Each piece will be unique to you, not sold on stock photo if we contract for an exclusive!

I love teaching Photoshop and Lightroom. Working in Photoshop is not a crutch or an easy way out, it is the digital photography version of a darkroom! It is where your "art" will bloom. The secret is to do it right! There are multiple approaches, I take two - First, subtle. When it comes to a photograph, let the picture shine on it's own. Second, art! There is nothing wrong with taking an artistic approach with a photo so long as your goal was to make it artistic and not over-do a picture. Take a class with me, and you will quickly learn the difference.

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