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Work with your own photos in a custom designed class just for you! Taught in the comfort of your own home, at your computer.

We Offer

Install/Set Up

Not sure about preferences and settings? I can help set up your program to work efficiently with your system.

Work Space

Making sure you and Photoshop work well together! Having your workspace set up for your workflow makes all the difference.

Basic Skills

Learning what all the bells and whistles are and how to use what you need to efficiently. Just the basics, not too confusing.

Intermediate Skills

Already have the basics down? Want to improve on those with better workflow and extra boost? I'll take you to the next step.

Advanced Skills

Things like refined masking. Background removal - making it look natural without extra plugins.

Advanced Compositing

Having a good grasp on the basics is a huge help - but even a beginner can start on compositing with some practice.

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